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Indonesia to get 24 F-16 block 25s

Official arrival of the Indonesian F-16s and personnel to RAAF Base Darwin for exercise Ausindo 09. Seen arriving here is TNI-AU F-16B block 15 #TS-1601 from 3 sqn on August 31st, 2009.

November 17, 2011 (by Asif Shamim) - The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress November 16 of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Indonesia for the regeneration and upgrade of 24 F-16C/D block 25 aircraft and associated equipment & logistical support for an estimated cost of $750 million.

The Government of Indonesia has requested a sale for the regeneration and upgrade of 24 F-16C/D block 25aircr f and 28 F100-PW-200 or F100-PW-220E engines being granted as Excess Defense Articles.

The upgrade includes the following major systems and components:

  • LAU-129A/A Launchers
  • ALR-69 Radar Warning Receivers
  • ARC-164/186 Radios
  • Expanded Enhanced Fire Control (EEFC) or Commercial Fire Control or Modular Mission Computers
  • ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management Systems
  • ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser Systems
  • Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD)
  • Situational Awareness Data Link, Enhance Position Location Reporting Systems (EPLRS)
  • LN-260 (SPS version, non-PPS)
  • and AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER or AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Targeting Systems

Also included are tools, support and test equipment, spare and repair parts, publications and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, U.S. Government and contractor engineering, technical and logistics support services, and other related elements of logistical and program support.

Indonesia desires the F-16 aircraft to modernize the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) fleet with aircraft more capable of conducting operations in the outermost border regions of Indonesia. The TNI-AU’s current fleet of block 15 aircraft is not capable of fulfilling that role, and the aging F-5 aircraft are expensive to maintain and operate due to diminishing resources existing to support the aircraft.

The avionics upgrade will provide an additional capability benefitting security by modernizing the force structure, and enhancing interoperability by greater use of U.S.-produced equipment. Indonesia, which already has F-16 Block 15 and F-5 aircraft in its inventory, will have no difficulty absorbing these upgraded systems.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

Indonesia requested the regeneration be sole sourced to the 309th Maintenance Wing, Hill Air Force Base, in Ogden, Utah, and Pratt Whitney, in East Hartford, Connecticut for the engine overhaul. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

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